Adventures of Dally & Spanky

Sony Pictures releases Adventures of Dally and Spanky July 2 2019. Available on DVD and digital download on Amazon.

Inspired by the true animal friendship of a Jack Russell Terrier and a rescued miniature horse, the story of Dally & Spanky’s bond has captivated audiences worldwide. This sensational duo is now the inspiration for this brand-new feature film. When 17-year-old Addy loses her father, she retreats from her family and struggles to deal with his loss. Ella, with her dog Dally, reaches out to create a bond with Addy and Spanky, Not only do the animals get along, but they quickly become a dynamic duo thanks to Addy and Ella’s training. Their act quickly goes viral and wins their high school talent show, bringing the girls closer! Unfortunately, the family realizes that the cost to keep Spanky is too high and they’ll have to send him away. But Addy gets an idea and submits their routine to a popular TV talent show. Now, it’s all or nothing…

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Dally and Spanky story

Spanky was rescued when he was 2 years old. He was aggressive to people and other horses and was very overweight. Dally, was the runt of the litter and quickly became best friends with Spanky. Francesca is their owner and trainer.

“Jet”, another mini I rescued (to keep Spanky company) makes up the Tiny Trio. They have performed at many events in the US and Canada and also appear for autograph signing.

“Boots”, the new jack Russell Puppy is a recent addition to the gang. (Follow us on social media to meet her)

Dally and Spanky Resume

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Featured on national Geographic wild TV, appeared live on the David Letterman and Pickler and ben TV shows, won at the World Dog awards in Hollywood and featured on TV shows and in magazines around the world.

Live demonstrations at the prestigious WA DC and Del Mar International Jumping Shows.

Coming soon… Dally and Spanky, The Movie…

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